Nasal Endoscopy & Laryngoscopy

Nasal endoscopy

Is sometimes it is necessary to perform nasal endoscopy.  This involves inserting a small scope into the nose and/or sinus cavity after numbing the area with a spray.  Nasal endoscopy is performed to evaluate the anatomy of the nose and sinuses.  In doing so, the physician can evaluate for masses, polyps, infection, bleeding or foreign bodies.  We often use nasal endoscopy to obtain cultures during active infections and to remove old blood and crusting after surgery.

nasal endoscopy at Wooster ENT


Is used to evaluate the larynx (voice box) and hypopharynx (deeper recesses of the throat) when investigating voice changes, swallowing problems, and other throat disorders.  It also involves numbing the nose and passing a scope through the nose and looking down into the throat.

laryngoscopy at Wooster ENT


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