Hearing Aids

Hearing instruments improve speech understanding in various situations and support the many functions of human hearing.  As the type and degree of hearing loss varies from person to person, and even sometimes for ear to ear, there are different hearing instrument models which take into account personal needs.  We recognize and understand that acknowledging a hearing loss is a big step that is sometimes years in the making, and we are here to help you navigate towards the optimal solution to meet your needs.

What to expect at your hearing aid evaluation

If we determine that hearing aids are the best recommendation for your listening needs, we will offer to schedule a hearing aid evaluation.  During this appointment you will meet with one of our audiologists who will program a set of demonstration hearing aids for you to listen to.  The audiologist will also teach you about different styles and technologies available in hearing aids, discuss your lifestyle and expectations, then will consider all of this information to recommend the hearing aid that is right for you.  


We are proud to offer hearing aids from three industry leading manufacturers: Phonak, ReSound, and Starkey.  Choosing a manufacturer is an individualized process that our audiologists will walk you through.  While all three companies offer excellent hearing aids, each have certain features which you may find favorable.  Some examples include bluetooth compatibility, rechargable hearing aids, and accessories.  You can view each manufacturer’s website to learn what they offer, but we will gladly make recommendations based on your needs, your hearing loss, and your lifestyle.

www.phonak.com www.resound.com www.starkey.com










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